CEGSA is the Chemical Engineering Graduate Students' Association.

The purposes of CEGSA are: to maintain a social atmosphere, friendship, and unity among members; to promote better research and education within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and finally to promote professional development.

The graduate student association is very active. CEGSA hosts a number of social events during the year for all students and staff in the department. Traditional events include a welcome party (wine and cheese) in September and a Departmental Christmas party in December. CEGSA has also revived an older tradition: a weekly coffee break on Friday afternoons.

Sports play a large role in CEGSA's entertainment package. There is an annual Jay's game that occurs in the fall. Past leagues includes: GSU volleyball in the fall and spring, the department ice hockey tournament in the spring, Department of Athletics and Recreation (DAR) indoor soccer in the spring, DAR indoor softball in the spring, International Student's Centre (ISC) soccer during the summer, DAR softball in the summer, and others. In addition to these organized leagues, CEGSA also runs a number of departmental tournaments: table tennis, golf, bowling, pool, and curling.

Further, CEGSA holds barbeques, parties, and various other social events throughout the year. We have a large common room (WB247) for graduate students, with coffee, snacks, drink machines, microwaves, and a TV, where we can also enjoy special events such as the World Cup and Olympics!

All graduate students in this Department are members. In addition to acting as a liaison, CEGSA hosts a number of events to encourage communication and enjoyment in the Department. CEGSA also represents the graduate students at the Graduate Students Union, Faculty Council, and the Teaching Assistants Union (Local 3902 of CUPE).